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8 basic knowledge of silver jewelry you must know, remember to collect it after reading it!
1. Why are silver jewelry not sold according to grams? When silver jewelry is sold, it reflects not only the value of silver itself, but also part of the craft value, which cannot be measured in grams, so it will not be sold in grams. With the development of craftsmanship, current ...
China’s foreign trade market has a bright future
International community: China’s foreign trade maintains a strong momentum and will continue to drive the recovery of the world economy. “Provide a stable impetus for world economic growth” Statistics released recently by the General Administration of Customs of China show that the...
Development of china’s silver jewelry industry
Since 2006, the amount of silver used in jewelry and silver jewelry in my country has surpassed that of traditional silver-using countries such as Thailand, Italy, and India for the first time, and now ranks first in the world. At present, my country’s silver jewelry processi...
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